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How do you describe and define your business …your values and integrity, your services and commitment? At River Coyote Design we’ll help you express your unique promise to potential customers.

Branding Excellence

Your most important footprint, logo and collateral design

Strategic Website Design

Custom design for today’s digital consumers and market

Digital & Print Marketing

Optimized solutions tailored to expand your customer channels

Search Engine Optimization

Standing out in a crowd requires skill, not luck. We deliver results.

Branding Excellence

What’s in a brand? Everything! Your brand is an instantaneous communiqué to potential customers, one that states your value, your professionalism, your trustworthiness and your legacy in your industry.

From your website and business cards, to packaging and collateral marketing materials, your brand is your promise and should, at its core, represent who you are and more importantly, who your target customers want (and perceive) you to be.

Strategic Website Design

Mobile responsive and respectful of today’s consumer habits, tolerance and usage trends online, successful website design requires much more than simply an Internet presence.

Strategic Website Design is the combination of creative, impactful and visually appealing elements that help to execute the exact Call To Action you desire from a potential customer, while providing an engaging and satisfying experience throughout the process.

Digital & Print Marketing

Despite the explosion of digital marketing, successful marketers continue to rely on a multi channel approach to campaigns, as print marketing allows for small, targeted campaigns that can be personalized and/or designed to meet specific environmental needs.

Key to any consumer pathway is consistency throughout your collateral campaigns with solid branded messaging (copywriting) and engaging visual/emotional designs. As both marketing and design professionals, RCD can help you develop the right solutions for all your marketing channels.


Successful Search Engine Optimization doesn’t simply ‘happen’ organically. While luck may carry you through a short period of increased views, effective SEO over the long term requires a focused discipline of both technical and creative targeted online adjustments and improvements.

In a world in which Google and others are changing the rules at a frequent clip, website owners have to ask themselves if they have the time and knowledge to keep up. For most, the answer is clearly no.

River Coyote Design has three SEO packages available to meet the individual needs of any business website.

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