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Successful brand building

What’s in a brand? Everything! Your brand is an instantaneous communiqué to potential customers, one that states your values, your professionalism, your trustworthiness, and your place as a thought leader in your industry.

Strategic Website Design

Mobile responsive and respectful of today’s consumer habits and usage trends, successful website design requires much more than simply an internet presence.

Strategic Website Design is the combination of creative, impactful, and visually appealing elements that help to execute the exact Call To Action you desire from a potential customer, while providing an engaging and satisfying experience to the site visitor.

Digital & Print Marketing

Despite the explosion of digital marketing, successful marketers continue to rely on a multi-channel approach to marketing campaigns.

The key to any consumer pathway is consistency throughout your collateral campaigns with solid branded messaging (copywriting) and emotionally engaging visual designs. As both marketing and design professionals, RCD can help you develop the right solutions for all your marketing channels.

Search Engine Optimization

Successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) doesn’t simply ‘happen’ on its own. Effective SEO over the long term requires a focused discipline of both technical and creative targeted online adjustments and improvements.

In a world in which Google and others are changing the rules almost daily, successful SEO demands continuous tracking and frequent updates by skilled and knowledgeable technicians.

River Coyote Design has three SEO packages available to meet the individual needs of any business website.

e-Commerce Solutions

eCommerce is more than a convenience that makes your customers happy: It grows your business. Sell while you sleep and reach new customers far and wide. Offer coupons, promotions, subscriptions, and more to get your products and services to your target audience quickly and easily.

Making Happy Clients
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“I just want to say that I LOVE the site you designed for my business: attractive, professional, sophisticated and perfect for my target market.”
Kristi Tompkins - Happy Client Testimonial - Web Design
Kristi Tompkins
With the new site and SEO River Coyote Design did for us, appointments have increased 75%. This translated into increased revenue.”
Dev Murry - Happy Client Testimonial - SEO
Dev Murry
You nailed it! Your team worked hard to get this right. Thank you a million times over, Denise, for being the wonderful, authentic, caring person that you are.”
Michael Bianco - Spann - Happy Client Testimonial - Brand Building
Michael Bianco-Splann
SEO Company California - River Coyote Design Owner
A respected entrepreneur and founder of Business Women Connect El Dorado and mastermind group UpLevel Lounge, RCD’s owner, Denise Páne, has been helping small businesses develop and showcase their brand, strengthen their industry positioning, and increase their marketing efforts for over 20 years in El Dorado County, throughout Northern California and beyond.
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