satisfied web design client

“We have won business based on the website
River Coyote Design designed for us. Our website puts
us head and shoulders above our competition.”

Mark Jones
Turning Leaf Inc., Granite Bay, CA

Our Services

Whether your business needs design and branding services
from the ground up, a quick touch-up of your existing presence
or a total makeover, River Coyote Design helps you
get the results you want.

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Our dynamic team of design &
marketing professionals delivers
the best services in the business.

– Website design & web development
– Logo design, business card design & branding design
– Marketing
– Copywriting
– SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your values and message reflected in your design. We ask the right questions until we GET you. Then, we start working.


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branding design satisfied client

“This website is great for our business. I just booked a
wedding last night straight from the site because the
website was so organized & appealing. Thank you so
much for delivering what you promised.”

Elizabeth Terry,
Behind the Scene Sounds, Sacramento, CA

Our Clients

“Working with River Coyote exceeded my expectations. The project manager was kind, thorough and respectful of my time. The online project management tool’s helpful email schedule prompts was balanced by the personal attention by Denise and her team. Not only did the finished product hit the bulls-eye, the client service did, too.”

– Laura Hansen: best-selling author, international speaker,
President/GoldVision, LLC, Sacramento, CA

We are grateful to our many clients who have
trusted us with taking their business to the next level
through branding, website design, SEO (search
engine optimization) and marketing.

Click below to see the full list of our many
happy clients:

search engine optimization satisfied client

“Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel knowing the
amount of work, thought, design, creativity and effort you
all put into creating a MAGNIFICENT website.”

Michael Bianco-Splann
President, Illuminate Ambitions & author of Conscious Leadership

Women Powered Businesses

We are ardent supporters of women-owned & women-powered businesses.
Here's why...

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Denise Páne,
RCD Company President

We have a special place in our hearts for women- powered businesses. We believe that helping other women compete in the global marketplace brings balance to the business community and makes the world a better place. The feminine power in all of us, men included, is based in connection, passion and compassion.

These are the tenets of true business excellence. River Coyote Design, howling at the moon since 2000, working towards creating a robust and healthy business community.

Ready to put your great
ideas to work? So are we.
Let’s get started!


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