6 Tips for Today’s Social Media


With so many platforms to consider, it can be exhausting trying to keep up with the do’s and don’ts for business on social media. Alas, we’re here to say, “Relax, you can do this.” In fact with just a few basic tips, you can take your social presence far without sacrificing time or having to be an expert.

Our Six Top Tips

1)  Keep It Real

Because most business owners aren’t sure how to use design and graphics to communicate their message effectively, the best place to start is by writing your website or ad copy first. With your copy in hand, a good designer can help you develop ideas for graphics and layout that compliment and further your messaging. If you choose to have your design firm produce your website or ad copy for you, having written out what’s important to you is a huge benefit to capturing your values, tone, and voice.


2) Bring Your ‘Behind the Scenes’ Up Front

Let readers and potential customers see who’s behind the camera…who the folks are that not only contribute to your success, but for whom your customer’s needs might be overlooked without them! People like team players, so step aside now and then and show off your team! Photos of your team in action or a series featuring an Employee Pet of the Month photo works great! Your social viewers will appreciate learning more about you and your team and what makes you happy together.


3) Target Ads to Targeted Audiences

Often, businesses create a general ad for a wide audience. Now, think about how that general content/ad could be tweaked just a bit for a truly targeted audience. By targeting a specific audience with a more specifically targeted version of your ad, you’ll see an increase in engagement over a blanket ‘one size fits all’ social media ad. Drill down a bit and you might strike gold!


4)  Find Your Lane and Hang

A huge mistake people make is believing they need to be on every social platform. In reality, even one or two done well can be far more rewarding. “But other websites list a whole string of those colorful icons showing 5 social media platforms they are on. Shouldn’t I do that too?” Short answer – NO!

First off, knowing your audience helps. If you’re target audience is millennial, then Instagram should be home plate, with Facebook or even Pinterest in second, and ONLY if you have the time to maintain additional platforms. If your audience is more of the 45-65 aged crowd of consumers, Facebook rules, but again Instagram and Pinterest (for female audiences) should follow if and only if you have the time. The key is to learn your best lane and stick with it, then expand and test another platform if appropriate. But having a profile on a platform you don’t follow, don’t post to frequently, or relate to (eek gads!) is not just meaningless, it could be detrimental to your business. Instead of making inroads, you’ll simply look like you don’t care.


5)  Is It Really You?

Businesses often outsource their social media posting or assign it to a staff member, both of which are great, but from time to time, take a moment to actually view the content being posted in your name. Does it reflect the business persona you were hoping for? Are the posts receiving any likes or engagement? Is anyone paying attention and responding?


6)  Social Media Is a Tool, Not an Engine

Your business engine and the funnel for new business you create is your website. Social media is like a blinking light on a highway off ramp promising something of value if you divert your attention and get off at the next stop.

Followers from social media platforms look forward to developing a relationship with brands. You job is to create genuine, fun, informative and engaging contact that welcomes them into your world and offers something that only you can uniquely give, even in a crowded industry. Figure out what that is and you can start making friends far and wide.