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7 Key Benefits of Blog Marketing

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Gone are the days when you had to manage a blog and a website separately. Now it’s possible to integrate the two and manage everything in one place with ease while also making access to both easier for visitors.

With a blog, you can promote your product by providing new content that attracts customers. Plus, a blog gives customers a platform to interact with you and your business. Here, are some key benefits that you get from blog marketing:

Key Benefits of Blog Marketing - Easy to use

Easy to Use

Blogging platforms included in your website platform, like WordPress, are simple and easy to use. With screens that look a lot like most word processors, along with some drag & drop and upload functions, your blog’s design mirrors your website brand and, thus, looks professional.

Key Benefits of Blog Marketing - Inexpensive


Adding a blog element to your website is usually inexpensive and easy to achieve. It involves setting up a main blog landing page, a template for individual posts, and also an archives page for previously posted content.

Subscribe and grow

Subscribe and Grow

By offering a subscription to your blog, notification of updated content such as tips, and “how-to” advice invites customers to return to your website. This gives them new opportunities to make a purchase or expand the services you provide them.

Improve SEO

Improves SEO

Search engines are on the hunt 24/7 for new content full of timely and relevant information that a customer may be looking for. Blogging is the opportunity to use keywords and other content that can boost your ranking, and help your website appear on the first page of the search engine results. For this reason, some entrepreneurs prefer blogging specifically for search engine optimization.

Key Benefits of Blog Marketing - Build Credibility

Build Credibility

When you update your content it’s an opportunity to add new relevant information. It’s a way to use content marketing to build credibility in your industry. When readers also have the opportunity to share your blog content on social media, it further expands your influence and supports current and potential buyers to use your products and/or services.



Apart from social media, one of the key benefits of blog marketing is that blogs are a great way to connect with users and develop your relationship with your community. User feedback also helps others to learn about your products.

Potential Revenue

Potential Revenue

A blog also introduces the opportunity to feature paid advertising or products for which you earn a percentage as an affiliate when purchases are made from links on your blog. For many, blogs have become an additional source of business revenue.


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