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A Frikkin’ Epiphany

Hey there,

I’ve sent you a couple emails recently about my business’ upcoming changes. I told you about my awesome older brother Curtis, who happens to have epilepsy and is developmentally delayed. And I’d left you to ponder the connection between the two stories.

I’ll give you another clue here. It took the form of an epiphany.

Like you—like everyone—I was locked down for a good 18 months during the Covid pandemic. Cut off from people. From places. From activity.


And like you—like everyone—I struggled with being isolated. Separated. Disconnected. Little wonder that in addition to the physical health crisis, there was also a global mental health crisis. 

And then it hit me. Here it was, just as I was about to emerge from this crisis, I realized that what I went through for 18 months (and whined about), is what people who live with disabilities experience every single day of their entire lives.

I’d just gotten a sampling. And a free pass at the end. Those who live with disabilities—there are over one billion of them worldwide—don’t get off so easy. Just ask Curtis. 


So the universe had just handed me a choice. An opportunity. With my unique set of experiences and skills, I could be a change agent! I could, in my small way, help to make things better! 

In my next email, I’ll take a hard left turn, which actually won’t be a hard left turn at all. 

Intrigued? Stay tuned! 


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Denise Páne 
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