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Google’s HTTPS Police are After Your Website!

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When Google Demands More, River Coyote Design Has Your Back!

In the never-ending search for a more stable and secure Internet, Google has developed what is known as HTTPS Protocol.  Website URL’s that currently feature the old standard protocol (http://www.example.com) will need to upgrade to the new protocol (https://www.example.com).

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is an Internet communication protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of data between the user’s computer and the websites they visit.

While HTTPS has been available for years, Google is now insisting that website owners implement the protocol or a “Not Secure” message will appear on the Chrome browser (in addition to Google ranking sites with HTTPS higher than sites without.).


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They’re so serious in fact, that penalties have already started. Google has begun to give search results preference to sites using the new protocol over the old. A website that once enjoyed page one SEO may find they lose that advantage as others using the new HTTPS protocol rank ahead of them.

Advantages of HTTPS

While switching protocols isn’t exactly a cakewalk, it does have some advantages, including:

  • Adds 3 layers of data security protection (not to be confused with website security, which HTTPS does not do. Without site protection software, you’re still vulnerable to hacks, attacks, and other vulnerabilities).
  • Data cannot be stolen or modified during a transfer.
  • Ensures that users are communicating with a trusted, authentic website.
  • Boost your Google ranking

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How to Make the Change

While there are fairly quick ways to switch to the HTTPS protocol, those methods can put your search engine ranking in jeopardy.  In order to preserve your search ranking, there are an estimated twenty-nine steps (on average) to upgrade your website to HTTPS. Some are fairly straightforward, others will make the pinwheel in your brain spin awhile, then explode.

It all begins with obtaining a security certificate, which is mandatory for enabling HTTPS for your website. Without the certificate (which RCD provides free of cost) and all the steps followed correctly, you may run into a hornet’s nest of problems, including, but not limited to:

  • Search engines may not ‘crawl’ your site for indexing, adversely affecting SEO
  • You may have content duplication issues
  • Unknown errors in redirects

Help with HTTPS - River Coyote Design

With few exceptions, business owners who don’t have in-house tech support should consider having the change done by a professional. At River Coyote Design, our team has experience with the HTTPS transfer and can make the process as painless as possible. That being said, the numerous steps involved do take, on average, roughly 6 hours (min) of dedicated coder time.

Protect Your Investment!

You’ve worked hard to build your online presence and ensure a great experience for visitors and potential customers.  Let River Coyote Design help you protect it.


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