Is Your Website Strategic?

strategic web design


The Strategically Designed Website – Where Beauty and Effective Brawn Meet Through Great Design

Think of your business marketing strategy like a dartboard. The bull’s eye is your website and all the rings around it represent the various campaigns and contact points that funnel potential customers through your site.

As consumers continue to demand information that’s easy to find and digest — on mobile devices no less — websites must strategize to offer less copy and clutter and more ‘to the point’ content that leads potential customers into their funnel.

The ways and means… Read More


Marketing to Millennials; The Art of Shared Authenticity


With a spending power that exceeds $200 billion annually, businesses and non-profits are searching for ways to effectively engage millennials. Truth be told, it’s not about learning new tricks, but more so, engaging in a much more casual and authentic way about what you do and why.


Embrace the Millennial Mindset

As with any marketing endeavor, you must first get to know your target audience. And this has never been truer than when marketing to millennials. Who are these unique gems? Where do they live and thrive? Do I need… Read More


Reach More Customers with Google My Business


Spring – a time for growth and renewal. Spring expands our sense of what’s possible and encourages us to take action on some of the business ideas that have been bubbling in our mind’s incubator throughout winter.

If part of your plan is reaching more potential customers or clients, Google My Business (GMB) may be the perfect place to start.


Why Does Google My Business Matter?

Google My Business is free. GMB increases your opportunity to meet consumers when they are at, or near, the purchase… Read More