Facebook Ads: Value vs. Time and Investment

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Do it yourself? Maybe …maybe not.

When creating your Facebook Ad campaigns, should you use the regular Facebook Ads Manager or the Power Editor? What’s the difference? Should you target a specific, tight audience or choose multiple categories? How about length of time to run your ads? A few days, or a week? And how much should you spend?

The problem with navigating the learning curve for Facebook Ads — as a means to create and manage your business campaigns yourself — is that Facebook (much like Google), keeps CREATING NEW CURVES!

The… Read More



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Hashtags – Effective, Complicated, Simple & Misunderstood: What Gives? 

Since early 2015, the use of hashtags (#) has been growing.  Adding hashtags to your social media posts and campaigns can drive engagement with both fans and followers.  And, it can attract new and prospective customers.

But like many factors involving social media’s do’s and don’ts, the hashtag is misunderstood by many and misused by even more.

Time for a Little #Hashtag101

Hashtags are, by definition, a word or phrase following the pound sign (#) that can be searched and shared to enhance… Read More


Business Blog SEO

Are You Drilling for Gold or Making Mud Pies?

In a past River Coyote Design Newsletter, we focused on the decision to create a business blog, or not, along with our top reasons why we believe it deserves some consideration. Check out The Blog: An Unnecessary Slog or Your Best Clean-Up Batter Ever?.

One important reason to create a blog is to increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website. Each blog post is another opportunity to use keywords and phrases, as well as links to other pages in your website that will help to increase your rank… Read More


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