Is Email Marketing Dead?

In The Age of Online Marketing,
the Inbox Rules 

What continues to have online business owners all abuzz with growth and profits?

Is it Twitter?

Is it FB ads?

Believe it or not, it’s Email Marketing …still!


Stunned? The proof is in the numbers:

  • Top digital marketers cite 77% of ROI comes from segmented, targeted and triggered email campaigns
  • Compared to direct mail ROI (7%), Email ROI is 28.5%
  •  Average order value of an email is 3X higher than that of social media.

Triggering is the practice of sending out a ‘next step’ email following a specific event or… Read More


You Can’t Afford To Ignore Online Customer Review Strategies

If you could do one thing today that would increase your SEO (search engine optimization) ranking with Google by up to 10%, would you?

If there were one tool that would increase your sales and inspire new clients by increasing the trust in your product or service, should it be in your toolbox?

The answer to both questions is, of course, YES!

The research and studies regarding the importance of online customer reviews gives a loud and clear message.
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Meet the Quirky RCD Team!

We are design and marketing pros.  And we are also a little weird.

At RCD, we build long-term relationships with our clients and we get to know them pretty darn well.  And they know us.  But, sometimes it’s fun to go a little deeper: into the realm of “wow, I would have never known that!”

We asked the RCD team a few spunky questions to peel off the layers.  Here is what we asked.

  1. What’s your current obsession?
  2. One word that your friends would use to best describe you and why
  3. If… Read More

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