The Landing Page: Your Welcome Mat of Opportunity

Landing pages are vital to successful marketing.
Landing pages are created to achieve a single-focused goal: persuade a visitor to take a specific action that moves the visitor into or further along your marketing funnel. 

It’s All About Conversion Rates

A landing page supports a targeted promotion and provides sufficient, single-topic information that leads a site visitor to either click through to another actionable page on your website for more in-depth information, or asks them to enter their name and/or email address to receive a promised offer (like downloadable content) for lead… Read More


Lead Magnets That Work

Lead Magnet
1. an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in
exchange for their contact information. 

Lead magnets are a great way to grow your list and build your tribe. But, more often than not, businesses are getting their Lead Magnet wrong.

Why? Because they haven’t really thought out the three most vital components.

Lead Magnets address a 1) specific problem, with a 2) qualified solution to a 3) targeted segment of your market.

Value Isn’t Vague
Create and Deliver on One… Read More


Go Native (Video) on Facebook

Going native, as in ‘native video’, on Facebook can be a game-changer for your social efforts.

‘Native’ simply means quick/short video shot on your cell phone and uploaded directly to Facebook, rather than posted on YouTube first and then embedded on your FB page with a link.

Why does ‘Native’ matter? Social proof & boost, of course!

  • Facebook gives you major kudos for going direct, which earns you more views
  • Your fans are much more likely to view a short video and then click any associated link in your post (like to your blog)
  • Fans are more likely to share your… Read More

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