Small Business Websites At Greater Risk of Hacking

In monetary terms alone, it’s estimated that the $3 trillion price tag of cyber attacks in 2015 will rise to over $6 trillion by 2021.

If you search other sites from your business computer, know that in 2015 alone Google warned that over 50 million websites attempted to steal your information or install malicious software that could compromise your entire system and put your customers at risk.

Myth: Small Business + Small Site = Small Risk

Small business owners wrongly assume that it’s the large corporate sites that face the largest risk.

The… Read More


“Be True” to Your Brand

Your Brand: Just A Pretty Face or a Promise?

Have you ever met someone who, at first blush, seemed so together, so engaging and so …well, inviting, yet, after spending a few moments in their company, you start having second thoughts about handing over your phone number?

If you’re not putting enough thought into how you execute your brand, that could easily describe your potential customer’s experience.

Whether your focus is B2B or B2C, your brand is essentially your promise, or at least it should be, and that promise needs… Read More


Who Needs A Marketing Plan, Anyway?

Planning for Success

At River Coyote Design, we help our clients reach their goals by creating unique marketing plans specific to their needs.

We’ll provide a fresh set of eyes steeped in marketing and design experience.  The marketing plan we create for you includes steps you can take to bring all your assets inline to complement each other and work together to strengthen your online presence and engage potential clients.

Grow Your Business NOW

We’ll include action steps that grow your business now, as well as build into the… Read More


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