The Importance of the “Ask”

For most of us, the ‘Art of the Ask’ can be a stumbling block, whether we’re asking someone for their business or for a fee consistent with the value of our service or even asking for a testimonial and/or referral. Many of us have been brought up with the notion that ‘asking’ …for anything, is rather rude and presumptuous.

Today we know that such a belief is 100% false.  The “Ask” is a vital part of business.  But old notions can be hard to break.

At River Coyote Design, we suggest you rethink and assign ALL the value found in the… Read More


The Blog: An Unnecessary Slog or Your Best Clean-Up Batter Ever?

The discussion and, in some circles, heated arguments for and against creating and maintaining a blog continues to have many website owners scratching their heads. It’s the ultimate, “Should I create a blog, or not?” question.

Perhaps even more so, it’s a question of “Do I have to?”

In the real world, you’re busy with the day-to-day business of, well …running your business, and that may or may not leave a lot of time for publishing routine blog posts.


Getting The Most Out of Less

Today, with the absolute domination of mobile users over… Read More


Business Munchies vs. Channeling Real Success

Business Munchies? What’s that?

It can be like trying to satisfy a late-night snack-attack; you know you want or need something, but there you are — in front of an open fridge just staring as the cold brushes by you, waiting for something to jump out at you that might satisfy that itch. “Chocolate? No. Salty? Hmm, maybe.”


We all started out the same way in business, with passion sparked by an idea that would not, could not be denied. With time and changing market… Read More


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