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Are You Drilling for Gold or Making Mud Pies?

In a previous River Coyote Design Newsletter, we focused on the decision to create a business blog, or not, along with our top reasons why we believe it deserves some consideration. Check out The Blog: An Unnecessary Slog or Your Best Clean-Up Batter Ever?.

One important reason to create a blog is to increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website. Each blog post is another opportunity to use keywords and phrases, as well as links to other pages on your website that will help to increase your rank on Google and other search engines.


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Speak Directly to Your Audience Through Your Keywords

Strong SEO depends on knowing who your audience is and how your business provides solutions to their problems better than others. What words or phrases do they commonly use to search for what you offer? How you describe your products and/or services must closely resemble the keywords your audience uses so that search engines will rank your site well and get you discovered.

Prominent placement is everything. Whenever possible, your chosen keyword or phrase should be included in your blog title, as well as within the first paragraph (preferably the first sentence or two) of your post.


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Give Your Website Credit and Strength Through Blog Links

Given the need to keep website text to a minimum, blogs are a great way to expand on topics, increase your authority, and educate potential customers. They’re also a great way to boost the SEO of pages on your website that deal directly with the topics of your blog post, especially pages that contain a strong Call To Action (CTA): Contact us today! Call for a free consultation. Download our free eBook.

The biggest bang for your SEO effort is a link embedded in your keyword or keyword phrase specifically to a page on your website. For example, “Your pooch will love our delicious and natural dog treats” where “natural dog treats” links back to the dog treats product page on your website.

Embedded links to other pages within your website also help Google and other search engines learn what your website is all about and can help to strengthen your SEO ranking.

Strong SEO

Going beyond the basics of SEO for your blog and/or website is often necessary to compete within industries that feature strong competition, especially if your website is new to the community, or your business has grown significantly, but not your online presence. But many business owners find they lack the skills or time to accomplish their SEO goals

Strong SEO doesn’t happen overnight and, in most cases, it requires the help of those who specialize in search engine optimization. River Coyote Design offers three SEO plans to assist in your efforts.

Need some help with your website’s SEO?  Call us today (530) 303 3795 to discuss which package fits your business needs!

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