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11 Tips For Your Business To Thrive During & After This Crisis

A Personal Message From Denise Páne
Owner of River Coyote Design

Come Back Stronger and Better

Now more than ever you need to be strategic with your money and time. Your website, online presence, and marketing strategy have never been more important. We are ready to help you by sharing the following 11 tips for your business to thrive right now.

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Let People Know Your Current Status

Don’t make them guess! Add a pop-up or landing page to your site that comes up immediately. Are you open? A simple “We Are Open!” pop up can let people know they can come to buy from you. Are you only online now? Let people know. Here are some things you can communicate:

We are open

We have new hours

We offer curbside pickup

Call to make an order by phone

Specific instructions for arrivals (please wait in your car and call us)

We offer gift certificates (discount for spending over a certain amount)

Outline the safety measures you are taking so people feel your products/services are safe

We are currently closed but will be back stronger and better. We can’t wait to see you again!

Business Thriving During a Crisis - Open Sign Small Business - Older Man Holding Cell Phone

Add a Cell Phone Video to a Pop-Up or Landing Page on Your Site

Speak to people personally and directly. Use the list above and let people know what is happening with your business during this time.

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Gift Card Campaign

Let people know you offer gift certificates or that they can pre-buy services. Offer a discount for people spending a certain amount.

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Budget Friendly Web Design

You are home with extra time on your hands and are looking for a good reason to close the door and get away from your kids for a little bit each day :). Your website is your most effective communication tool and should be landing you sales and clients. Now is the time to give your site a sleek, modern and effective update. To help your business thrive during this time, we now offer budget-friendly web design. Feel free to contact us below and we’ll be happy to send you some links so you can see these budget friendly sites that are strategically focused on the CTA’s (calls to action) and designed to convert sales leads into paying customers.

Business Thriving During a Crisis - Online Shopping

Online store / eCommerce

Many experts are predicting that the shift in consumer behavior to online shopping, curbside pickups, and delivery will permanently alter consumer behavior and expectations. If you aren’t selling online (or if you have no website at all), you NEED to in order to meet this new reality.

Business Thriving During a Crisis - Social Media

Social Media and Digital Campaigns

Let’s get the word out about what you are offering, how people can buy your products and services, what your plan is for the future, available gift certificates, your implementing of safe practices outlined by the CDC, etc.

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Shout Out Your Pivot

Is your business pivoting, restructuring, or offering new and different services? Let the world know via your website and a marketing campaign.

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Upgrade Your Site

Add a blog (see more below), improve the site navigation, refresh your brand, add detailed info about your services, upgrade your images, simplify the site, or say more with less by reducing the content to make it easy for people to find what they want.

SEO - Opportunities

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the great tips for your business to thrive during a crisis is to rank higher in the search engines so your site gets in front of your target audience.

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Add A Blog

Promote your product and services by providing new content that attracts customers. Blogs are easy to use, inexpensive to add and maintain, improve SEO and so much more.

Clients Testimonials - Business Opportunities

Add Testimonials to Your Site

When utilized properly, testimonials are the gift that keeps on giving to your business. Find out the full scoop about testimonials.

Google my Business - Opportunities

Bonus Tip #1!

Our first in the list of bonus tips for your business to thrive during this crisis is to get your Google My Business Dialed In: If part of your plan is reaching more potential customers or clients, Google My Business (GMB) is the perfect place to start. Learn the details.

Subscriptions - Business Thriving During a Crisis

Bonus Tip #2!

Offer Subscriptions. Generate reoccurring income by offering weekly or monthly subscriptions to your products or services. Friday night dinner with wine. Flower arrangement. Clothing outfit. Essential oil. Massage. Weekend at your AirBnB. Piece of jewelry. Photograph. Scented soap. Cheese. Chiropractic adjustment. Manicure. The possibilities are endless. Get creative!

Business Thrive During a Crisis - Languages

Bonus Tip #3!

And last but not least from our list of tips for your business to thrive is to add content in multiple languages to reach a wider audience.

Chat Plugin - Opportunities

Bonus Tip #4!

Add a chat plugin to your site to stay in close contact with your customers. Also, chat allows you to answer potential customer’s questions immediately as they are browsing your site. Test it out right now by chatting with me, Denise, the owner of River Coyote Design. In the lower right corner, you will see a picture of me and Let’s Chat! Click on it and, well, let’s chat!

We can help you seize the opportunity!​

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Denise Páne, Owner
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