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You Can’t Afford To Ignore Online Customer Review Strategies

If you could do one thing today that would increase your SEO (search engine optimization) ranking with Google by up to 10%, would you? If there were one tool that would increase your sales and inspire new clients by increasing the trust in your product or service, should it be in your toolbox?

The answer to both questions is, of course, YES!

The Modern-Day Version of Word of Mouth
The research and studies regarding the importance of online customer reviews give a loud and clear message.
Whether the reviews are good or bad, online reviews matter.  
So much so that Google is now including reviews in search results. 

Having five or more good reviews on Google (4 stars or better) is a game-changer!

Statistics on Online Reviews

Worried about a bad online review

Consumers have proven to be very forgiving of a bad review if they see that a business has taken steps to correct an issue quickly. They’re not looking for perfection; they are looking for responsiveness to their customers’ needs.

Testimonials on your website are not enough!

In fact, consumers trust independent review sites (like Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, etc) that allow a mix of good and negative reviews, as opposed to individual businesses that have their own review system on their site and only allow good reviews.

Online Reputation Management

Scaled To Meet Your Needs – 3 Online Review Packages

From marketing to SEO, River Coyote Design is committed to helping our clients manage their websites and to incorporate collateral materials and programs that help them grow.

With packages ranging from basic account set-up on the top review sites (like Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, etc), to full-on tracking of your online review and reputation management, River Coyote Design has a package to suit your needs.

   •    Email templates to invite customers to submit reviews,

   •    Follow up to help you reach the minimum required for
most review sites to start ranking your business.

   •    Social Media Ads featuring your best customer reviews

   •    Website Call to Action graphics to encourage more reviews
from your site

We’ve even designed a template/process for your business to follow; a process that easily walks you and your team through the steps to ensure you’re inviting strong reviews from customers on all the popular websites.

Contact us and request info on our Review and Reputation Management packages. We have a that outlines the 3 packages PDF all ready to send your way.


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