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Core Values: Your Competitive Advantage

Your Company’s Core Values: A Poster Slogan vs. Statement of Valued Culture and Practice

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Defining Core Values:
  1. Stated or implied fundamental beliefs, principles, and actions that guide the decisions, behavior, and culture of your business, your employees, and management.

You Want Your Clients and Potential Clients to Know About Your Brand’s Core Values


Company’s Core Values - Values in Action


If You’re Looking for a Competitive Advantage, Lean Into Your Message of Core Values

Do your stated core values support or enhance the rest of your branded messaging? For some, core values are defined and briefly mentioned in vague and tired terms echoing a time long passed. Today, a company’s core values should define not only what your customers can expect, but correspond to a belief system and culture shared throughout your company.

Is a Core Value Statement Really Necessary?


It’s not necessary to create a specific section on your website that features a “Core Values” headline followed by a carefully crafted values statement. But you can bet potential clients will be scanning the content featured on your homepage looking for some validation that you’ve ‘got the goods’; you’re committed to excellence in product and service and, to that end, proudly embrace a company culture where what you do and how you do it is supported by everyone on your team. In other words, your core values are embedded in your culture and are expressed throughout your day-to-day business practices.

Spoken and Unspoken Values Messaging

Elements of color and chosen graphics on your website can also play to the emotional and philosophical core values and mindset you wish to harness and express on behalf of your brand. They ignite the senses and set the stage for your copy, which should support and validate those values with informative content. If your company, for example, is committed to a greener footprint, find ways to incorporate that message through graphics and copy that reflect this value.


Company's Core Values Messaging

Aligning Your Values With Those Who Deliver It

A company’s culture and core values are no longer relegated to simple messaging for the purpose of marketing and public relations. It’s vital that the values you wish to project are actually aligned with those who carry out that vision.

By engaging your employees and management staff in open and honest dialog about the values both experienced and, where necessary, lacking, you benefit from the individual ownership, partnership, and responsibility each contributes to those values. Recognize ongoing employee contributions to your firm’s values and achievements. Make it a point to revisit your core values annually to incorporate new and expanded areas of purpose.


Competitive Advantage - Running Towards year 2018


Defining Your Best With River Coyote Design

Great and renewed branding often happens when you can take a step back and get a better view and a wider perspective on where you are and where you’re headed, or want to head.

River Coyote Design can help you evaluate where and how your company defines and communicates your Core Values and help you implement those values into your brand messaging.


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