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eBook Your Creative Genius and Score!

Today, shorter, cleaner website text with captivating graphics rule, along with easy access to information potential clients are actually looking for.

Engagement through newsletters, FAQs, and client surveys are vital for a strong online presence, but you’ll need a list-building tool that increases your chance of capturing email data from site visitors and potential customers.

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Two Birds, One Solution

Publishing an eBook that can be easily downloaded is more popular than ever, making it possible to achieve both of these goals and more.

Here are a few reasons why:

Be The Expert — Branded, on-demand content makes it possible to offer in-depth, expert advice and information without loading your website down with a heavy copy

The Remix – If you’ve been publishing your website (or blog) for a while, chances are good that you’ve got some great content that could be refreshed, remixed, and/or re-purposed with very little effort, making content for an eBook a snap!

Give More, Get More — Site visitors are far more likely to click on your ‘Call To Action’ (Subscribe!) when there’s something they consider worthwhile at the other end of that click! A little value goes a very long way

Share and Share Some More — eBooks are not just fun and/or informative, they’re easy to share with others on social platforms, which also earns you extra credit with FB, Twitter, Google+ and other networks because it carries “Social Proof” that others are interested in your brand.

Rinse & Repeat – Given that some of the most popular eBooks are actually short (40 pages or less), you can create a series of eBook editions, each focusing on specific areas within your industry or product lines, tying them all together with branded covers.

Cha-Ching! — Information has value. Whether you create a single title or a branded series of titles, you can earn additional passive revenue by selling your eBooks directly from your website, or by uploading them to Amazon, iBooks, and other online outlets.

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Branding and Marketing eBooks With River Coyote Design; A Compelling Marriage

At River Coyote Design, we understand marketing and how design considerations for your branded cover and layout can enhance or doom your eBook or series

Download our free eBook PDF and choose between 3 gorgeous custom design layouts created by our own in-house designer, Irene Panchuk. Experienced with eBook platforms, Irene’s designs are exclusive to River Coyote Clients.

Not sure where to begin, or if/how your content could become eBook-worthy?

We’re here to help you spin a few ideas and can offer an experienced view from the outside in, where unique ideas live and thrive. Our Marketing Director and copywriter, Rosemary Roberts, has authored five non-fiction published titles, two of which are also available as eBooks.

Our marketing and design team are ready to help you create stunning, informative, and fun eBook products, and can also help guide you in best practices for getting the most out of your newly branded collateral.

Ideas Are Our Playground!

eBook Ideas

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Contact us today about how you might incorporate an eBook into your business plan by calling (530) 303-3795.

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