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Facebook Ads: Value vs. Time and Investment

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Do it yourself? Maybe, maybe not.

When creating your Facebook Ad campaigns, should you use the regular Facebook Ads Manager or the Power Editor? What’s the difference? Should you target a specific, tight audience, or choose multiple categories? How about the length of time to run your ads? A few days, or a week? And how much should you spend?

The problem with navigating the learning curve for Facebook Ads — as a means to create and manage your business campaigns yourself — is that Facebook (much like Google), keeps creating new curves! The rules today may change tomorrow. Or, as often happens, Facebook introduces new tools to help your campaigns be even more successful which means learning how to effectively use the tools.

Facebook Ads Learning Curve


Successfully advertising on Facebook depends on knowing your audience and what engages them. Here are a few of the basics for a successful Facebook ad campaign:

Audience: On Facebook, your target audience should fall within the 35-55 age range, the most common on the platform.

Call To Action: What’s your goal? Do you want your target audience to visit your website, make a purchase, or fill out your contact form?

Testing Variety: Consider running two or more ads that speak to the same audience from a different standpoint. One that speaks directly to your product or service, and one that appeals to the values or location (city, state, region), or even a common activity of your audience.

Placement: Decide if your ads will run in ‘the feed’ or as a placement ad to the side.

Budget: What daily/weekly-spending limit is necessary to achieve your goals?

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Or, you could let our Facebook Ad Team help!

RCD’s Social Media Advertising team specializes in nothing else. We’ll help you not only design the right ads for the right audience but will monitor it daily and make any changes necessary to achieve your goals. If one ad is out-performing another, we might take other ads down and increase the audience (or run time) on the better of the two.

If a particular ad is scoring big, perhaps you’ll decide to increase the daily dollar spend and reach an even wider audience. We will build a custom audience unique to you and your business! Because of our experience, creative development, and careful monitoring, your investment will receive the attention it deserves for the best ROI possible.

Contact us today for a no-strings consultation! Our Social Media Team can help evaluate the best platform (Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn) for your audience and show you how even a small or modest investment can achieve success.


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