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Go Native (Video) on Facebook

Going native, as in ‘native video’, on Facebook can be a game-changer for your social efforts.

‘Native’ simply means quick/short video shot on your cell phone and uploaded directly to Facebook, rather than posted on YouTube first and then embedded on your Facebook page with a link.

Why does ‘Native’ matter? Social proof & boost, of course!

  • Facebook gives you major kudos for going direct, which earns you more views
  • Your fans are much more likely to view a short video and then click any associated link in your post (like to your blog)
  • Fans are more likely to share your short native video posts (over 1000% higher share rate!!)

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Keep It Real

Facebook business fans aren’t looking for the top quality, fully edited video. They want quick, smart, fun, and helpful clips they can view on the fly and then share.

Bring your smile and your personality — not your perfectly primped hair — and deliver the goods from a relaxed or unexpected location: a park, the sidewalk table of your favorite coffee corner or café, or while strolling the isles of your local farmer’s market!

Tip: Keep a list on your cell phone of cool subjects to record so that when you’re out and about, you can record one in a blink to post on the fly!

Tip: Record Tips on your CellPhone

The 3 S’s of Native Video

  1. Short – 1 to 2 minutes max is all you need. Less than 60 seconds is even better.
  2. Simple – Got a quick tip? Great! Share it with a 30-60 second tip video from anywhere! Just posted a great piece on your blog? Fantastic! Introduce the highlights with a quick video and a link to your blog.
  3. Sharable Spunk – Quick and fun, that’s how it rolls on Facebook. Record a quick tip that you know will help others and then ask for the share! “Hey, I know I’m not the only one that’s had this problem! Give this video tip a ‘Like’ and then share it with your friends!”

The 3 S's of Native Video

Don’t Forget the Ask!

Regardless of the message of your short video piece, don’t forget to include a Call To Action (CTA). What do you want your friends and fans to do?

“Click the link to our full blog post, and don’t forget to share!”

“If you liked this quick tip, don’t forget to share!”

“If you’ve got questions or more tips to add, leave us a comment below, and don’t forget to share!”

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