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The Landing Page: Your Welcome Mat of Opportunity

Landing Pages Are Vital to Successful Marketing

Landing pages are created to achieve a single-focused goal: Persuade a visitor to take a specific action that moves the visitor into or further along your marketing funnel.

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It’s All About Conversion Rates

A landing page supports a targeted promotion and provides sufficient, single-topic information that leads a site visitor to either click through to another actionable page on your website for more in-depth information, or asks them to enter their name and/or email address to receive a promised offer (like downloadable content) for lead generation.

Last month we featured a great piece on the purpose and benefits of a Lead Magnet; an irresistible piece of content, resource, or toolset of such value that a potential customer would part with their contact information to obtain it. A lead magnet can be featured in an ad that links to your landing page for more information where additional questions or objections can be overcome, moving a potential customer closer to the point of taking action = conversion. Check out a recent landing page we created that works synergistically with our lead magnet.

Conversion Rates

Single Offer, Single Message

The number one mistake made when designing a landing page is confusing visitors with mixed messages or adding links that don’t drive the one — and only — action you want a visitor to take.

How Many Landing Pages Should You Create?

Today’s website visitors want more targeted information and less content when they visit your homepage. They want quick direction to the information they need.

A good rule of thumb is to create a landing page for each different offer or promotion you develop. If you create, for example, 3 different ads for a single piece of downloadable content, a single landing page will do. However, if you offer several different pieces of content to download, or promote more than one tool or online course, a different landing page should be created for each.

Website Visitors

Landing Pages for Successful Marketing: Ad > Landing Page > Action
(action = cart; download; contact)

Landing pages are a great way for businesses to advertise multiple specific offers and direct potential customers to information that will help convert those customers.

Check out a few landing page examples:

Case Study Landing Page

View Our Case Study Landing Page


eBook Landing Page

View our eBook Landing Page


Free Consultation Landing Page

View our Free Consultation Landing Page

Targeted Experience For Your Targeted Campaigns

Targeted Campaign

At River Coyote Design, our experienced pro’s can help you design and launch your next campaign, along with a purpose-driven landing page that supports your goals.

Need a few ideas to get started? Our team excels at helping clients shine a spotlight on overlooked gems or create new ones!

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