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Meet the Quirky RCD Team!

We are design and marketing pros. And we are also a little weird.

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At RCD, we build long-term relationships with our clients and we get to know them pretty darn well, and they know us. But, sometimes it’s fun to go a little deeper: into the realm of “wow, I would have never known that!” We asked the RCD team a few spunky questions to peel off the layers. Here is what we asked:

  1. What’s your current obsession?
  2. One word that your friends would use to best describe you and why
  3. If your alter ego called the shots, what profession would you be in?
  4. What was your mother’s/father’s best advice that you ‘ignored’ that makes you who you are in some way (for the better) today?
  5. Favorite Pinterest category
  6. If you had to describe your life or personality in terms of pizza, what kind would it be …
    and don’t forget the anchovies!
  7. What would surprise people to learn about you?

And here is what the RCD team had to say! Plus some commentary from the peanut gallery:

Marketing and Design Pros - RDC Team - Denise Pane Owner

  1. Podcasts! And I am always open to recommendations
  2. Adventurous. Because I love me a thrilling adventure!
  3. Professional dog cuddler (Seriously, how sweet is that!?)
  4. My dad was leery of me quitting teaching high school (literature, writing, and Spanish) to start a design and marketing firm. He was concerned about my leaving the stability that teaching offered: a steady paycheck, health insurance, retirement plan, etc. I did ignore that advice and it turned out to be life-altering in the best possible way. Regarding advice from my mom, fortunately, I almost always follow my mom’s advice, because she is pretty much always right.
  5. Grizzly Bears (There’s a Pinterest category ‘Grizzly Bears’? Who knew!)
  6. Half peach, ricotta, and basil and half cheese ’cause sometimes I am gregarious and a little weird and sometimes I am mellow, reading a book and snuggling with my dogs.
  7. My birthday is on leap year, February 29, so I only get a real birthday once every 4 years. And I have a raucous laugh! (Does that mean that Denise is only a quarter her in reality?) 

RDC Team - Irene Panchuk Designer

  1. Getting my wedding plans just right. (Last minute changes (extra guests, etc.) be damned, Irene discovered an awesome app called WeddingWire that’s helping her keep it all together!)
  2. Fun to be around (We suspect that the reserved, methodical woman we know and adore is actually a wild one in her off time)
  3. A florist or a baker; continuing to create beautiful and/or delicious things
  4. Most of the time I didn’t heed my parents’ advice, but I guess it gave me the chance to find my own answers and learn my own lessons.
  5. Hair cut & color styles
  6. So healthy it’s not even pizza anymore: gluten-free, dairy-free, covered with EVOO, spinach, and tomatoes. (In essence, Irene is the ‘Un-pizza’ at our firm) 
  7. I have a tattoo and sometimes I can swear like a sailor! (See #2. We knew it!)

RCD Team - Tareq Sayed Developer

  1. Build robotic items via Arduino. Arduino is an open-source electronic prototyping platform enabling users to create interactive electronic objects. (Spoken like a true Techie, am I right?)
  2. Crazy biker. Because of my crazy bike stunt performances
  3. Poker player (To be clear, none of us would go up against you, Tareq!) 
  4. I spent so much time on my PC after the O level exam that my parents repeatedly said “Don’t waste your time.” But they didn’t know what I was doing on my PC. After a few years of my hard work, I succeeded in freelancing work as a Web Developer. (…and we’re so happy you did, Tareq!)
  5. Cars and motorcycles
  6. Tareq needed some help with this one as pizza isn’t his favorite food.  So we’re going to call him a Combo Pizza because his special skills for RCD  include everything: meats & cheese (plug-ins and code), veggies and sauce (animation, style & sound). 
  7. Sleepwalking!!! (Now that’s what we call a surprise!)

Rosemary Roberts Marketing Director

  1. British/French (who done it?) dramas on Netflix/Amazon (the Tunnel), my first grandson, Lincoln, and learning to fix my own dang lawnmowers …riding and power-push. (Patience, Rosemary. Patience. And wow is that red hair on that lil’ babe amazing or what?!?!?))
  2. The Rock – OK, that’s two words. I may come off as confident when friends and family are in need, but in reality, I’ve just lived long enough to know that being a ‘scared survivor’ isn’t a way to live at all.  (And she spends a portion of her time calming Denise down when she is freaking out.)
  3. A singer …or an attorney. In my dreams, I sing like Whitney Houston (I know, right! LOL), but I’m also a justice freak and sometimes think I missed an alternative calling.
  4. “Get a real job …like at Sear’s or Mervyn’s!” For my mom’s generation, security ruled. To deny my love of writing would be like denying my breath or heartbeat. My marketing chops come directly from my dad, who appreciated and fostered both in me. (We at RCD are SO grateful you ignored that piece of job-getting wisdom!)
  5. Garden Junk! From your junk pile to my garden and yard, re-purposed and glorious!
  6. Garlic-chicken with white sauce (never red!) Hardy, a bit on the edge, and just enough sass. (We can all attest to the sass.)
  7. I was on a West-Coast/Country Swing dance team for years. ‘Country’ only because there’s not a lot of big-band dance places around. Jog all you like. I’ll go dancing and be stronger for it! (The rest of the team did a jaw-drop here.)

Tabby Ahsan Project Manager

  1. Jelly Beans!! (And you should see her juggle them.)
  2. An ‘all-rounder’ since they thought I knew and was good at a lot of things.
  3. Either a musician or playing sports professionally (although we would have guessed professional photographer ’cause she is GOOD!).
  4. That’s a tough one because my mother/father has actually been right most times and I did well when I followed their advice. The one time that I ignored my father’s advice and it worked in my favor was probably when he suggested I take up biology/medicine as my main subjects to pursue higher education. Instead, I took up engineering. I feel that worked out better for me, but who knows.
  5. Castles (And Tabby recently took a month-long European jaunt where she got her castle-fix on.)
  6. An “all-topping pizza” since there’s a bit of everything for everyone. 🙂
  7. That I don’t enjoy socializing and can be quite an introvert.

So here’s our Tip of the Month: If you’re looking for a new way to connect with potential clients, why not create your own company-wide survey and share the results? You might just be surprised about what you learn from each other, and how much your potential and existing customers can relate.

Go ahead! Get your ‘quirky’ on! If you need some additional ideas about marketing or design, SEO, or website security, we can help there too!

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