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New Business Direction and Name

And finally …

I don’t expect that you’ve read every one of my “journey update” emails in order. (If you have, I’m flattered.) 

But the quick recap is this: There are new changes coming to my business. Inspired by my brother Curtis, who, like millions of others, lives with disabilities. Catalyzed by my own realization of what life is like for people like Curtis, during my own temporary “disability” of the Covid lockdown. And the difficult website work required of all hospitality businesses to make their sites inclusive, accessible, and ADA compliant. 

Effective September 21, 2021, River Coyote Design is being retired. In its place is an all-new business: Access Design Studio. 

In hindsight, this momentous change is obvious and inevitable: 


  • I have more than 20 years’ experience in advertising, branding, and web design

  • I have a lifetime of experience understanding the challenges of the disabled

  • I’ve been working with hospitality businesses for decades, and understand their challenges to deliver a premium guest experience

Access Design Studio has been to created to address the intersection of that experience, and that passion.  

But, it’s the same incredible team you’ve always loved and trusted.

This new look, feel and purpose doesn’t affect any current partnerships—we will happily continue servicing all current and past clients (even if you’re not in the hospitality industry).

We have a twofold mission: We are the hospitality industry’s accessibility ally. And we’re an advocate of people who live with disabilities. They deserve the same rich, vibrant experiences as everyone else.

Online Launch Party,
September 21st at 4 pm.

And what’s a launch party without amazing gifts, right?  
You can learn more and RSVP here.  And tell your friends!

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Denise Páne 
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