Powerful Words That Get Results on Social Media Ads

The Thing About Classics …

For decades, leaders in marketing have known that humans are drawn to a short list of simple, timeless words that, if used correctly, spur us to action.

In times of pre-Internet, print headlines were the battlegrounds, but today, nowhere are words more important and impactful than for ads/posts to social media, where less is not only more, but a critical mandate.

Amazingly, despite the passage of time, the same short list of words still rule.



In Terms & Phrases

If simple words sell, then high-converting terms and phrases close the deal.

Exclusivity: Members only; Ask for an invitation; Exclusive offer; Become an insider.

Scarcity: Sale ends soon; Only available here; Today only.

Reduced Risk: Best-selling, Cancel anytime; No obligation; Guaranteed; Secure; Unconditional.

Power Terms: Premiere; Complete; Discover; Profit; Powerful; Win; Best

Content to Share: Inspires; Discover; Improved; Create; Tell us; Secret


Context, Context, Context!

Ultimately, context is still the name of the game and your word choice must make sense to your audience. Do they fit your campaign and your brand?



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