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Refer a Friend

Three ways to benefit!

Referral Program

At River Coyote Design, we appreciate your business and hope you’ll refer
us to your friends, business associates, or local business owners you value and support.

woman on phone drinking cup of coffee

When we begin work from your referral, you’ll receive your choice of thank you gift:

• $200 credit towards future projects with us
• $150 donation to an organization of your choice
• $150 gift card from the business of your choice

At River Coyote Design when you refer more you earn more! The number of people/businesses you can refer is unlimited; thus, the number of times you receive a referral bonus is unlimited, too!

Janeen and Michael Bianco-Splann
Illuminate Ambitions

“It’s so great to be able to tell people
about the work River Coyote Design
does as we know we are referring the
real deal: authentic, honest, professional,
trustworthy, caring, compassionate,
and the list goes on.”