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Your logo is the centerpiece of your brand. Bold, elegant, modern or funky, it’s an expression of your brand’s style and creates an emotional bond with current and potential customers. Branding is an expression of your company’s values through defined benefits to the customers, positioning within your industry and your promise of quality.

From the very start, our team will help you define your company’s ideal image, branding message and communication style, target audience, and more.


What is successful brand building?

What’s in a brand? Everything! Your brand is an instantaneous communiqué to potential customers, one that states your value, your professionalism, your trustworthiness and your legacy in your industry.

From your website and business cards, to packaging and collateral marketing materials, your brand is your promise and should represent your company in a way that appeals to your target demographic.

What's the difference between a logo and a brand design?

Think of a Coca-Cola. Did you picture the color red? That particular shade of red is part of the Coke brand; it’s what makes it instantly recognizable and sets it apart from other soda drinks.

A brand is the aesthetic, the colors and fonts used, the photography and illustration style and the message and positioning all coming together in a cohesive and consistent package that creates and conveys much more than a logo does.

what's included in an RCD logo design?

After analyzing your demographic and current design trends, we will create 3 different logo options for you to choose from, based on what would be most successful for your brand and resonate with your target demographic. We will show you how your logo would look in color or black and white, large or small scale. After that we will work on a color palette that best conveys your brand values using color psychology.

How many logo designs will be created for me to choose from?

We will design 3 custom logos for you to choose from.

Yes, you can. Once you choose your logo from the designs created for you, you can request modifications.

Will I own the logo after completion?

Absolutely, once the logo is complete and paid for, you own it 100%.

How long does logo design take?

The process ranges from 2 – 4 weeks.

Are the designs unique to my business?

Absolutely. We design your logo based on the info you provide in our Discovery Document as well as our Discovery Conversation with you. Your brand identity—which includes your logo—is the visual face of your business to the public.

We take into account your mission, your target market, your message, and much more. Not only should it be well-executed technically, but it also needs to have the right style for your brand.

Your logo is always at work, 24/7, marketing your business, and helping prospective customers form the correct impression of you. You need a designer with experience and skills so that your logo (and all of your brand elements) communicate the right message to the right people.

What are brand standards and style guides?

A brand standard & style guide lists the specifications for the colors in your logo, it describes the elements of your brand and ensures consistent communications. It includes usage rules and specs for the logo, color palette, typography and graphic elements.

We welcome your ideas and we will compare them with the trends and preferences in your target clients to make sure the design will appeal to them.

We specialize in custom logo design for all types of businesses and organizations. Please see our client list to get a glimpse of the huge variety of industries we have worked with. Or view our portfolio to see our work.

Do I need an idea for a logo beforehand?

Absolutely not. Learning more about your industry, and specifically, more about you, our design team will help you capture a unique visual expression comprised of graphics, type face (font), and a color scheme, that sets the stage for all that your communication needs.

Is marketing the same as branding?

No, it isn’t. Brand development is about finding your voice, your values, and your ‘why’ (why do you do what you do and how do you do it better?) and positioning your company within your industry. Marketing involves creating the tools and outreach plan needed to express that voice quickly and effectively to your target audience and the execution of that plan to your target audience.

We have made some changes to the company. Can I rebrand my business?

Absolutely, and you need a strategic approach. Our experienced team can help you take your brand to the next or new level building on the strengths that your existing customers trust.

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