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Small Business Websites At Greater Risk of Hacking

In monetary terms alone, it’s estimated that the $3 trillion price tag of cyber attacks in 2015 will rise to over $6 trillion by 2021.

If you search other sites from your business computer, know that in 2015 alone Google warned that over 50 million websites attempted to steal your information or install malicious software that could compromise your entire system and put your customers at risk.

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Myth: Small Business + Small Site = Small Risk

Small business owners wrongly assume that it’s the large corporate sites that face the largest risk.

The truth is, small business owners rarely have the knowledge or budget to afford the website security found at large firms who employ technical teams onsite full-time watching over (typically, private) servers, and the hackers know it!

Fact: A 2015 Verizon report stated that smaller firms with fewer than 100 files lost, incurred costs between $18,120 and $35,730!

Data corruption alone could put you out of business, not to mention risk the trust and confidence of your clients.

Where? When? How?

The difficulty small business owners face stems from the fast learning curves of hackers. Almost overnight they learn how to overcome new roadblocks.

Risk prevention requires built-in safeguards, as well as frequent backups and updates to platforms and plug-ins to ensure the most recent protective coding is in place

We’ve Got Your Back(up)!

At River Coyote Design, we know how busy you are; after all, we’re a small business too, with our own sites, systems, and clients to protect!

We offer 3 Tiers of Site Security to match your need and budget:

3 Tiers of Site Security

Why not delegate this vital, proactive protection to the experts that can provide you with ease of mind at an affordable price?

Call us today to discuss what tier is right for you (530) 303-3795



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