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Shake Off the Funk: Supercharge your Inspiration

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We’ve all been there. Business is humming along, almost as if on autopilot. Outside of the occasional small hiccup, hurdles seem so far in the rear-view mirror that we almost can’t remember the stress they created. And then it happens… well, nothing really, and that’s the problem.

We’re at a loss to even identify the void that seems to have replaced our vision and creativity. Without new goals, ideas, and pathways to explore, your inspiration and energy, not to mention your motivation and once-electrified sense of purpose, seem to slip out the back door and disappear.


Getting our of your own way


Inspiration isn’t something you just trip over. It’s not a cause, but a result. Here’s how to supercharge your inspiration:

Behavior Takes Top Billing

Do something new or different and you’ll be rewarded with new ideas and insight. Change your routine, your exercise, or even your drive to work!

Change Your Work Environment

Take your work outside or to a nearby café for a change, or better yet, make your next staff meeting a picnic and watch the ideas flow!

Take Your Search on The Road

Attend a professional gathering outside your normal circle of associates, or dedicate one day a week (or month) for a short trip to explore something new.

Dedicate 30 (or better yet, 60 minutes) of Your Day to Personal Development

Read or listen to a podcast/Ted Talk that inspires you to re-evaluate your creativity, imagination, and purpose.

Whittle Down Your Options

Too many choices, pressing duties, or paths can also leave you stuck, unable to make decisions, and zapping inspiration. Banish ‘overwhelm’ by limiting your options. Sure, make your list. Then scratch all but the top two or three and take one action step you can do today for each.

New insights and inspiration offer an opportunity to re-evaluate what you do and why you do it. Take what you learn and find a way to incorporate it into your business to reach a new audience, or improve the relationships you already have.

River Coyote Design: Offering Inspiration


River Coyote Design can supercharge your inspiration through up-leveling your brand, freshening up the graphics or copy on your website, narrowing down your goals, or creating a new marketing campaign.


Call us today and we’ll get your inspiration on mega-go!

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