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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Standing Out In a Crowd

Think of Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown. With each and every attempt to kick it, Lucy pulls the ball at the very last second leaving Charlie Brown flat on his back, frustrated and defeated. Again. At times, it seems as if Google is forever pulling a ‘Lucy’, continuously moving the goalposts and changing the rules for effective SEO and ranking high in the search engines.

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Still, want to tackle SEO on your own?

With over 200 possible moving targets to solid SEO, if you master a few key elements, you can at least get in the game. Here’s a list of our top SEO tips:

  • Use strong keywords in your page title (at the beginning of your title if possible) and include a strong meta tag description that includes your keyword(s).
  • Create unique page titles (keywords) and meta description tags for each page. Google will only recognize one if the same keywords/meta descriptions are found on multiple pages, and may penalize you if there are duplicates.
  • Include your target keywords near the beginning of your page copy, as well as in your headlines
  • Page speed – the time it takes your page to load – should be 2 seconds or less. If large, or multiple graphics are slowing you down, there are programs available to help reduce their file size and load speed without sacrificing quality.
  • Ensure your website is ‘optimized’ for mobile. Most new sites are automatically optimized to be mobile responsive (resized and adjusted for small screens), but if you’re sporting an older platform, know that Google may penalize you.

Need Help Ranking High in Search Engines?

We’re here for you! For info about our SEO packages, help with the above tips, or updating your site to be optimized for mobile, contact us today at (530) 303-3795 or click to set an easy 1-on-1 consult appointment!

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