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What Do Your Graphics Say About Your Business?

Graphics, Not Words, Capture Our Attention First!

If a picture (or graphic) speaks a thousand words, then the graphics you select for your website need to lay the groundwork and support for the proposed ideas, tone, and copy that follow. If they don’t, the experience you provide your website visitors may be less than ideal. In fact, you can lose them at first blush.

If you’ve been wondering about how to best support your website with great photographs and graphics, we’ve got some strong ideas for you to consider.

Top Tips for Selecting the Right Photos and Graphics for Your Website


Photos and Graphics - Do's and don'ts


  1. Choose a photo that contains a subject slightly off-center, leaving plenty of room to add text or other elements, such as a “Subscribe” button.
  2. Select photos that capture your appropriate service or industry to reinforce your ability to meet your potential customer’s needs.
  3. Avoid photos that are too busy, as text often gets lost in the noise.
  4. Photos should be either dark or light enough so that your text stands out, making it easy to read.
  5. While it’s not necessary to always stay within your brand colors, choosing a photo that complements your brand’s palette is important.
  6. Choose graphics and photos that are consistent with your website’s lighting, filters, and general color balance and style.


Personal Photography vs. Stock Photos


Photos and Graphics - Abstract Painting


Professional photography of your place of business, job sites, projects, products, and more are great for offering a unique experience on your website.  Amateur photos of group retreats or parking lots shots of your storefront are better relegated to the About Us or Our Team more personal pages.

Stock photography, such as Shutterstock or iStockphoto can and do bring a great deal to a professional website in color, style, clarity, tone, and appeal. The trick is to widen your search for graphics that appeal beyond the specific industry and perhaps capture the tone or ‘mood’ of your services. Swatches of artful color can enhance even the most technical of sites for wider appeal, as long as it remains true to your brand and message.


The Ultimate Experience

Ultimately, the right photos and graphics for your website should help tell your story and contribute in some way to the message you’re conveying. It can lighten up a heavy topic or bring a little personality to an otherwise serious or technical subject matter. Used correctly, they are the welcome mat to all that you offer.


Team meeting


Just as it’s important to revisit your copy from time to time and update for new services, products, or for better SEO, why not consider a simple refresh of your website’s graphics? Let River Coyote Design’s team of professionals help ensure your graphics are supporting your message and priorities.


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